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Here are some files that have been refered to in specific GCH Guitar Academy YouTube videos. Scroll down to find the download you are looking for.

If you can't find the file you're looking for here, you'll find it in the guitar lessons section.


Unfinished song one

Can you write lyrics for this song

Below this video is the backing track for Unfinished song 1. This was a challenge to singer songwriters and musicians to finish the song. I have made the MP3 and the WAV files available so you can import it more easily into whatever recording software you use. If you use this backing, please give some credit to Sad Fantasy, thank you.


Unfinished song MP3

Unfinished song WAV


Bass tester 4K video

Free bass tester

To test the frequency response of your headphones, speakers or subwoofers, just play the YouTube video or download. Then listen to bass tester track until you can hear the bass line starting to kick in. This is a really easy method that can be used to test your headphones, speakers or subwoofer from 05Hz to 60Hz.


The better the quality of the sound the better your results should be, so here or the bass test sound files in a high quality format.
Click on the links below to download or play the sound files.

Bass test MP3

Bass test WAV


rewiring a Fender Stratocaster

Wiring a fender Strat

Below in this video I completely rewired an Ymgie Malmsteen Fender Strat. I rewired it because I didn't like the 3 way switch provided or the sound of the DiMarzio pickups. Underneathe the video is a PDF showing a simplified explanation of the circuit.


Wiring a Fender Stratocaster